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About Hortipedia

There are many great websites, programs and apps on the market that list plant varieties, but where they all fall short is in keeping up to date with the many new plants & garden products released every year. Hortipedia aims to give the customer the greatest access to what's new on the Australian gardening market.

Key Benefits of HortipediaTM

Growers, Breeders & Marketers:

  • FREE* upload of new plant and garden product releases
  • The option of a micro-site for their business within Hortipedia..
  • Access to cutting-edge technology (QR codes, optimised mobile sites, etc) via a simple online form
  • Improved search-ability of their product via search engine


  • The ability to search on one site for new release product.
  • Access to FREE customised informational signage for listed stock which includes images, QR codes linked to an optimised site, as well as the ability for them to include their own logos and pricing.
  • The ability to list themselves as a retailer of any listed plant/product line and to be found via postcode search/map.
  • The option of a micro-site for their business within Hortipedia.


  • Access to plant information in an easy to locate and search fashion.
  • A way of getting further information on plant varieties via smartphone whilst in store.
  • A listing of retailers with their contact details for products listed.
  • Less confusing, more enjoyable shopping experience.

How it works.


New plant and garden product releases are independently uploaded to the site by businesses using our simple online form.


Once approved by Hortipedia, the product is listed on the site and a custom 'QR code' generated which can then be added to brochures, signage and labels.


Customers can browse, search and comment on products using either PC or mobile device as well as find store locations. QR codes can also be scanned.