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Soul Sister

Rosa, floribunda, Soul Sister

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Nothing like this new one. A perfect alternative to the hard to grow Julia's Rose.
    You just can't imagine a colour like this, and the soul that goes with it. Milky chocolate buds open latte coffee and finish hinting a lavender blend . The feminine finish is atmospheric, creating a flowerful friend, more than that, a Soul Sister.
    Beyond the warm linen tones there lies a handsome plant, round bushy and full of clean green leaves. Another great Swane's evaluated variety. a right and proper honour for your soul sister.
    If you like Julia's Rose you will love Soul Sister.

    Colour : milky chocolate suffusing to atmospheric lavender
    Fragrance : mild tea
    Height : 150cm
    Petal Count : 30 - 35
    Flower Size : 120mm
    Awards : Passed Swane's arduous evaluations 2012.
    Rose Class : Floribunda
    Growers Notes :
    Hotter areas will notice better lavender colour in the finishing blooms
    For fast repeat blooming pick the flowers and/or deadhead often.
    Follow up with some manure/mulch/fertiliser and make new growth happen.
    In warmer areas flower comes right through the cooler months
    Being a compact floribunda Soul Sister loves a pot on a sunny balcony or patio
  • milky chocolate buds opening cafe latte
  • flower finishes with a soulful lavender blend
  • perfect in sunny spots
  • super in pots

  • This page is by Swane's Nurseries

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