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eco-lure male fruit fly trap

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eco-lure is a monitoring device which attracts and kills male Queensland fruit flies.
  • Attracts and kills male Queensland fruit flies
  • Self-contained trap which is quick to assemble and hang
  • Lasts for 3 months with replacement wicks available
  • Range of 400 metres
  • General Retail Stockists

    Bunnings, Masters, nurseries, independent hardware stores and online at www.ecoorganicgarden.com.au

    General Precautions

    Contains a non-organic insecticide so use gloves when assembling the wick and keep out of reach of children.

    When first opened the wick emits a very strong smell which fades after a day.


    400 metres

    Active Ingredient

    Maldison and pheromone attractant

    How to use

    The trap contains a foil wrapped wick inside. Open the foil and place the circular wick on the underside of the yellow trap lid. Thread the enclosed plastic hook through the lid (from the top) and click it into the circular wick. This will hold everything together.

    Put the lid back on the trap and hang in amongst the foliage of plants you want to protect.

    Replace wicks every three months.

    Hang traps very early in the season and monitor regularly. When flies appear in the trap then fruit flies are active in your area. Commence using eco-naturalure spray to protect forming fruit. ecol-lure traps will not protect fruit alone.

    How it works

    eco-lure contains a pheromone attractant specifically for male Queensland fruit flies and a fast acting insecticide.

    Male flies are drawn to the trap due to the pheromone and die very quickly after touching the wick which contains the insecticide.