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Grevillea juniperina 'H22' PBR

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Gold Cluster™ Grevillea is a flat growing ground cover plant with masses of gold flowers
    Gold Cluster™ Grevillea has masses of spider like gold flowers in winter and spring, a great contrast to the green foliage. A lower growing and denser form, Gold Cluster™ Grevillea is great at out competing weeds and grows to half the height of other popular forms.
  • Beautiful ground cover that is low growing and more dense
  • Masses of gold-yellow flowers
  • Grows to about half height of popular Molonglo form
  • Plant Attributes

    • Height Range: < 0.3
    • Spread: 0.5 to 1m
    • Position: Full Sun, Semi Shade
    • Growth Habit: Groundcover/Prostrate
    • Suitable Climate Zone(s):
      • Temperate
      • Cool
    • Flowering Time(s): Spring, Winter
    • Flower Colour: Yellow
    • Plant Type: Groundcovers

    How it works

    NSW (Sydney and south), ACT, VIC, TAS, SA & WA.

    Full sun to part shade. Suits free draining to moderately heavy soils (prefers free draining soils in Sydney), avoid soils with ph above 7. Tolerates frost and drought.



    Care Instructions

    Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched garden (chunky mulch is recommended). Use native slow release fertiliser sparingly. Prune every 2-3 years if required

    How to use

    Ground cover and specimen planting