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Pennisetum clandestinum 'KIK203' PBR

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Kenda® is a fast establishing form of Kikuyu turf with great drought and wear tolerance.
    If you have a large dog or kids, or a footy team to keep happy, Kenda is a good high wear tolerance option.

    It’s winter colour is much better compared to any other warm season turf, including Buffalo, Couch, or other Kikuyu types.

    For Commercial use, sporting fields, parks, golf courses, race courses, and other amenity areas Kenda® Kikuyu has greatly improved wear tolerance because it has four times as many rhizomes, and more vigorous stolons.

    It’s far more winter active, which is important as that’s when sporting lawns are prone to most damage.

    For home use it is the perfect choice for hard playing kids and energetic dogs.
  • Fast establishing with great wear recovery
  • Better winter colour
  • Male sterile - unlikely to seed
  • Plant Attributes

    • Suitable Climate Zone(s):
      • Arid
      • Temperate
      • Cool

    How to use

    Domestic, commercial and sports ground use.

    How it works

    Full sun to 20% shade with low wear and 15% shade with high to moderate wear. Kenda is drought and frost tolerant down to -9°c.



    Care Instructions

    Mow your Kenda lawn every 7-10 days in the hot months; mow every 3-6 weeks in the cold months.

    Mowing height will vary: 2-5cm in sunny/lightly shaded situations,5-7cm in heavier shaded situations.

    Once the root system has fully established, water thoroughly only when needed (when a slight wilting is visible), usually once every 7-10 days in summer (on sandy soils more often), with much less or no water in cooler months.

    Remember that infrequent, deep watering promotes a healthy lawn. Over watering encourages excessive growth, disease and root rot.

    It is best to water in the early morning; night watering is not recommended.

    Slow release fertiliser one month after laying (applying fertiliser before this time has shown not to make a difference to lawn establishment).

    Use a complete fertiliser in early April and early September.

    At other times of the year use a slow release fertiliser. If you need a quick green up, use a fertilizer high in nitrogen to promote a lush green lawn- e.g. Supergreen or organic based slow release fertilisers. In heat of summer avoid over fertilising or using manure based products.