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Man of Steel

Rosa miniflora 'Man of Steel'

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Man of Steel is new and unique and is set apart from other rose "mini flora" by the intense fragrance. No other rose or plant comes close.
    This is a real little beauty. Fully petalled petite blooms repeat flower on a tidy litle bush just perfect for pots. Who would think that such a small thing would be so colourful and have the bonus of such intense fragrance. Mysterious, oh so soft pastel lavender flowers, bordering on "stainless" steel, push more lavender with age. Big bloom bunches bounce from rich green and glossy foliage, making for one snip bouquets filling the air with fragrance.
    Put up against the much bigger Stainless Steel, the similarities are clear, so we have called this little gentleman "Man of Steel"
    Colour : softest pastel lavender/curious depths of stainless steel
    Height : 90cm
    Flower Size : 45mm in clusters of 15 - 20
    Petal Count : about 30
    Fragrance : intense
    Awards : Passed Swane's arduous evaluations 2009
    Growers Notes : Cut regularly for repeat flowers. More lavender appears when flowers are formed in hot weather. Definitely better in drier climates
  • super fragrant
  • new mysterious pastel colour
  • loves the sun
  • great potted plant
  • Plant Attributes

    • Height Range: 0.5 to 1m
    • Spread: 0.3 to 0.5m
    • Position: Full Sun
    • Growth Habit: Shrub
    • Plant Use(s): Containers, Borders, Mass Planting
    • Scented: Flowers
    • Suitable Climate Zone(s):
      • Arid
      • Temperate
      • Cool
    • Flowering Time(s): Spring, Summer, Autumn
    • Plant Type: Roses


    • Make a selection:: Florabunda, Miniature, Landscape

    This page is by Swane's Nurseries

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