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The Urban Farmer Retro Planters brought to you by Takasho.
    An ideal addition to anyone wishing to grow their own herbs or annual colour at home on patios, balconies and courtyards and even have wall boxes to hang onto outside walls!

    Available in four designs & finished to look like they have been made of distressed recycled number plates, these cool planters are a must for those wanting to add a little funkiness to their garden space.
  • Available in 4 Designs.
  • Funky retro feel.
  • Ideal for herbs or annual colour.
  • Makes great gifts.
  • Specifications

    Square - Small: 12cm(W) x 12cm(L) x 14cm(H) Large: 17cm(W) x 17cm(L) x 15cm(H)
    Round - Small: 20.5cm(W) x 18cm(L) x 17cm(H) Large: 22.5cm(W) x 19.5cm(L) x 17.5cm(H)
    Rectangular - Small: 22cm(W) x 12cm(L) x 14cm(H) Large: 29.5cm(W) x 16cm(L) x 15cm(H)
    Window Box - Small: 28cm(W) x 13cm(L) x 13cm(H) Large: 30.5cm(W) x 16cm(L) x 16cm(H)

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