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Yates Nature's Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray

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A certified organic pyrethrin and vegetable oil spray to control the most common insect pests on edible and ornamental plants.
    Yates Nature's Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray provides home gardeners with an easy to use, organically certified way to control chewing insects like caterpillars and sucking insects like aphids, thrips, scale, mealybug and whitefly on citrus and other fruit trees, vegies and flowering and ornamental plants.
    It's the first ready to use, organically certified pyrethrin spray available in Australia, so it's perfect for home gardeners wanting to use organic methods of insect pest control.
    It's also boosted with seaweed to assist plant growth.
    A percentage of sales from all Yates Nature's Way products are donated to Landcare to support initiatives that protect and repair the environment.
  • Contains natural pyrethrin from the pyrethrum daisy and vegetable oil.
  • Certified for use in organic gardens by Australian Certified Organic.
  • Controls the most common chewing and sucking insect pests, such as caterpillars, aphids, mites and whitefly on edible and ornamental plants.
  • Also ideal for citrus pests such as citrus leaf miner, aphids and scale.
  • A percentage of sales are donated to Landcare to support initiatives protecting and repairing the environment.
  • How it works

    Pyrethrin controls insect pests on contact and vegetable oil smothers insects and deters citrus leaf miner moth from laying eggs on citrus foliage.

    Active Ingredient

    0.3g/L pyrethrins, 8g/L canola oil.

    How to use

    Spray lightly, just to the point of run off, including undersides of foliage, as soon as insects appear. Repeat weekly if required.
    For citrus leaf miner control, begin applying when the new flush of growth is about 4cm long. Spray thoroughly every 5 - 14 days, including the undersides of foliage.

    Withholding period

    Do not pick edible plants for 1 day after spraying.

    Sizes/Options Available

    750mL ready to use trigger spray bottle.

    Certified/Registered Organic?

    Yes. Australian Organic Registered Garden Product. Allowed input 202A1.

    General Retail Stockists

    Widely available through garden centres and hardware stores.